Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Do or Die

Spring break is here for me and I didn't go anywhere.  I finished writing tests and grading papers so I'm fairly free to get my running in like I had planned.  Monday, I ran three miles in 27:52.  I was surprised because I hadn't run that fast in many months.  Tuesday, I figured would be rough due to going back to back and the 84 degree heat--not to mention the cream cheese and ice-cream shake I fed my lactose intolerant body. 

As expected, the first mile was rough, but I settled into a somewhat comfortable pace.  I figured I would try for four miles today because I'm not very smart when it comes to training.  Into mile two, I ran up on what I thought was a snake, but it turned out to be a bungee cord.  Those things look like snakes in the dirt.  After calming my heart down, I powered up a long incline and decided I could do 4 miles.  The last six tenths of mile four were rough.  I thought that there was no way I'd finish in under 40 minutes, but the Dropkick Murphys came on the Ipod playing Do Or Die.  I thought I'll either do this or die trying.  Being Irish and so close to St. Patricks Day, I mustered whatever Irish stubborness and stupidity I had and finished in an even 39 minutes. 

So far, so good.  Like Bob Dylan, I'm a keep on keepin' on. 

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